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Student insurance is a specialized business offered by a limited number of insurers, the reason being that student's goods tend to be at a greater risk than settled homeowner's belongings. Most policies will cover belongings up to a maximum value of 5,000. Items such as your camera, jewellery or ones you carry around with you will come as an extra, your computer is also usually insured as a separate item and will not be included in the basic policy.  

If you are a UK student and travelling to another town or city to study you may want to check whether or not your parent's contents policy can be extended to cover your goods while you are at college, if so, check for exclusions such as your mobile phone.  


 For independent student the main insurance company offering student insurance is Endsleigh with offices in many university campuses. The premium will depend on your postcode and the type of accommodation amongst others. 


The table below is a guide for students to choose the most suitable accommodation insurance for their personal belongings, please note that the quotation of 2000 cover has been based on a typical postcode and Quotations from the Banks have been obtained from the banks own literature








The information provided here is intended to be used only as a guide and you should contact the bank or insurance company for the full information. does not take any responsibility for any incorrect details, the information may have also been altered by any of the banks or insurance companies.

Insurance Company

2000 Cover  per/annum


HSBC* 22
Natwest* 33.75
RB of Scotland* 27.09#
Bank of Scotland*



* Insurance policy only valid if you open a student bank account with these banks.   

# includes 20 first year discount based on a typical postcode.

Please note that all the quotations have been obtained using the same postcode.





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