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Landlord Notes.


What is the law on letting? 

Most lettings of houses and flats since 15 January 1989 are assured or assured shorthold tenancies. These allow you (landlord) to charge a market rent;

  • If you let on an assured shorthold, you have a guaranteed right to get your home back after

  • If you let on an assured tenancy, your tenant has more security.

  • From 28 February 1997 all new tenancies are assured shortholds unless you agree otherwise.

  • you will not have to give your tenant a special notice to set up an assured shorthold.

  • You will be able to get your home back if your tenant owes you at least 2 months rent.

  • It will be easier to evict tenants causing a nuisance to local people.

What are the benefits of letting an empty property?                                                      

You can lose over 6000 a year by keeping a home empty-in rent loss, council tax, insurance, dilapidation and security measures. There is also the risk of vandalism, squatting and complaints from neighbours.

How long does a shorthold tenancy have to last?                   

That is for you to agree with your tenant. You can agree that it should last for a set period (known as fixed term) or you can leave it open-ended.

How would I get my property back?                                                                     

If the tenancy is a shorthold , you can end the tenancy at any time after 6 months, provided any fixed term you agreed has ended. You only need to give your tenant 2 months written notice that you want your property back. 

You can end both types of tenancy at any time on certain grounds (reasons) for possession set out in legislation. These cover rent arrears, anti-social behaviour, damage by the tenant, etc.                 

What if the tenant will not leave?                                                                                            

Most tenants do. You can not evict a tenant yourself but you can apply to the county  court to get your property back. In certain cases you can use an accelerated possession procedure which can avoid the need for a court hearing. 

As a landlord, what would I be responsible for?                                     


What would my tenant be responsible for?                                            

what if the property needs repairs before it can be let?

Housing associations can help by providing a grant and managing the property for you. Or you may qualify for a local authority renovation grant. Your local authority can give details.       

Can anyone help me rent my property?                                                         

Letting agents can find tenants, start the tenancy, collect rent or provide a full management service for peace of mind. Some agents work to specified standards of service such as members of the:

Standards in accommodations                               

A major concern of the university accommodation offices, city councils and students is the gas safety and general security of student accommodations, almost in some towns landlords will have to confirm to various standards before their properties can be advertised in student housing offices.

If you have a property for letting to students, firstly you should ensure your property is checked for gas safety by a CORGI registered engineer every year, as most students are aware of the dangers of gas appliances it may be difficult to rent accommodation that have not be approved. You can find out more about Gas Safety by going to our special notes regarding Gas Appliances

Secondly, properties should have doors that are to a minimum door thickness with provision of spy-holes, and the door locks should be 5 lever to British standard as most insurance companies now insist on these types of locks. 

Thirdly, the property should be kept in good general maintenance and free from any damp.


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